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The Journey Begins



Like many people, I always recognize the fact that there is more to our existence than what our guardian and/or parental conditioning prepares us for. My journey started when I saw relatives who had passed on dwelling in my childhood home. These sightings were not frightening or scary, even though I was a young 6-year old. It was the beginning of a truly natural process.  By the time I was 8-years old, I started having Out of Body Experiences (OBE) s. Now, even though I said it was not scary, I’ll admit it was a little creepy. I remember my first experience as if it happened yesterday.


It’s a hot August night, and as I lay on top of the sheets listening to the huge window fan blades rotating, something exceedingly strange happens.  I feel this energy leave my body. It’s a slow movement, and I recall trying to call out for my twin, who was sleeping in the next room.  


To my horror, I cannot move nor speak; all I can think is what’s happening to me!  As I lay there terrified, my eyes are drawn to the ceiling. I realize something or someone from the ceiling is staring back at me. What’s fascinating is that the energy hovering on the ceiling does not recognize the person on the bed. And, yet I know both entities are me.  All I’m hearing over and over again, is “I have to get back.”  I’m not sure if this outcry is coming from my consciousness or my soul. 


Since that experience, I have had many OBEs which has only confirmed my belief that we are not our host bodies.  


I now share with people the many life experiences I’ve had. I feel truly privileged, even though, at that time, I did not fully understand nor have a complete universal picture that all life is a source of energy a collective unconsciousness of every beings experience.  A shared collective and individual learning path that’s representative of all soul growth. Everything that I thought I desired for my life changed, and I fought with myself tooth and nail as I moved forward.  The more I ran away the more complicated my life became; in reality I was primarily running away from myself.  


I’d like to share another story with you.


I am living in California and make a decision to move back to the East Coast.  A week before my planned departure, I visit a Catholic  church in my neighborhood that I often attended.   I feel I need to go. I’m feeling full of mixed emotions and confusion, and totally distraught with the decisions I made to leave my career, my friends, and my lifestyle for the unknown. I am feeling pressure to get out and move on by some unforeseen force. It’s crazy, but deep down inside something was pushing me to walk away with little or no explanation--I know I have to go. A good way to describe it’s like walking on a gangplank with a blindfold on and a bayonet shoved in your back—I am going to have to leap into the unknown.  


It’s a damp, misty, rainy day as I walk up the steps to enter the front doors. The church is empty, so I sit in the last pew. I stare at the crucifix, and in a quite sobbing voice, I say, “What do you want from me?”  I’m now numb and angry, more confused than ever.  


Then, out of nowhere, these two ladies appear at the pew to the left of me. It frightens me at first, but then calm comes over me. One of the ladies is an extremely small-framed woman with blonde hair and bluish-green eyes. The other woman is a heavy- framed woman with jet black, long, curly, hair and large black eyes. I have never seen anyone with black eyes before and her focus is forever etched in my gaze. The smaller woman extends her hand, and asks if I would pray with them in a room to the left of the altar. I stand up and walk with them, and I am utterly at peace.  We sit in a semi-circle with me in the middle. With my head down, they begin to pray over me. They pray in English and Latin, and I begin to sweat profusely. I remember feeling as if someone had poured a bucket of water over me. This process went on for about 20 minutes.  When their prayers stopped I could not feel my body.  They ask me to stand and they assist me in doing so. Each woman stands on either side of me, and assist me to my feet. They both guide me to a mirror on the wall. At this point, I feel as light as a feather.  I look in the mirror and the most astonishing thing happens.  I do not recognize myself!  It’s as if I’m looking at a complete stranger. I do not know how long I’m there, but my mind flashes back 21 years too age 8, to that hot  August evening when I had my first OBE and don’t: recognizing myself. I have come full circle in understanding a truth that I’m one with the universal consciousness.


A week later, packed and ready to make my exit out of the State of California, I stop by the church to thank the ladies once more for their prayers.  As I enter the church,  I see one of the priests and make an inquiry. I describe the two ladies and ask about their whereabouts. The priest looks at me with this sense of puzzlement and states, “We do not have anyone associated with the church that fits that description!” So, I thank him for his time and proceed out the church to my car. As I sit in my car, I smile and chuckle to myself and realize those two ladies were angels! This event confirms my path, which to this day I have never waiver from.


That was a long time ago, and the universe has brought many teachers in my life, such as Michael Newton, Dolores Cannon, James Moody, Brian Weiss, Jeffrey Wolf Green, and so many more. I have had many experiences like the ones I just shared that have shaped my life to become a teacher, facilitator, and a guide.


Past Life Regression

Through hypnosis, past life regression can open windows to the unconscious mind where subconscious memories of past lives are stored. Moreover a therapy, past life regression can help obtain information about reincarnation and whether effects of past lives are interfering with one's daily life.

Through hypnosis, past life regression can open windows to the unconscious mind where subconscious memories of past lives are stored. Moreover a therapy, past life regression can help obtain information about reincarnation and whether effects of past lives are interfering with one's daily life.


Life Between-Lives Spiritual Regression

Life-Between Lives Regression is a healing tool similar to Past Life Regression, but much more intense, profound spiritual regression. What is the purpose of your soul? Who are the individuals with whom you have lived lifetime to lifetime? What is the unique purpose of your current life? How did you choose your body/brain, those who are your family members, and the steps along the path of this life? What individuals in your life represent karmic mates?  Who is your soulmate?  How many lives have you lived?  Where are you on a universal learning curve in being a Beginning Soul, Intermediate Soul, Advanced Soul or Old Soul? These questions and many others can be answered through the experience of a Between Lives Soul Regression.


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