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Genealogy & Reincarnation

   Genealogy the study of social and family history. Ancestral history that spans many, many generations. Being an avid researcher I decided to incorporate the concept of Reincarnation with the existence of past lives.  There are many signs that tell us we have been here before. For, instances our fears, phobias, memories, dreams, trauma, the things we are drawn to (food, colors, certain types of people, behavior).

    In my research I have reached some major milestones in what I have discovered.  For example, I had a client who was a newlywed who was eager to start a family.  However, she had developed a psychological scar (memory) around pregency due to several lifetimes of either losing children during their infancy or dying in childbirth.


  In her last life prior to the one she is living today she reported that she lived in the 1920’s in New York.  She, re-counted that she died in 1926 giving birth and I was able to genealogical research her history and found her on the 1920’s census, along with the birth of the child who is still living today from a previous lifetime and her death certificate.


The past and present always underline your karmic future.